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House and Land Packages

House And Land Packages Sunshine Coast

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Searching for decent house and land packages is both a thrilling and nerve-wracking process, let along settling on your dream property. You’re looking for a fabulous piece of land, plus you’re trying to find or build the house of your dreams. And, as with all important decisions and investments in life, this is naturally an extensive and time-consuming process that can get complicated fast!

The team at House & Land Packages Realty (HLP Realty) are dedicated to helping you make the most of your time with our one-stop service that combines licensed real estate consultancy with construction project management – and all the details in between. With 30+ years experience in the residential building and construction industry, we are proud to share our knowledge and guidance to help you find the perfect housing package to suit your needs.

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Looking for Land to Build? Streamline Your Search with House & Land Packages Realty

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Traditionally, home buyers (including first home buyers) looking to build first go through the process of finding a piece of land they love. Then, the next step is to start the process of designing and building their new home. At HLP Realty, we believe that there’s a better way to go about achieving your ideal house and land package dreams – rather than take these two processes separately, why not streamline the lot for an easy and more cost effective outcome!

As a real estate agency and builder in one, we consult with you to gain a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for. We use this knowledge to source potential housing packages that tick all your boxes – not to mention save you time, stress and money!

HLP Realty aims to smooth the way, making your search for the perfect property as easy and enjoyable as possible – especially for first home buyers who are not familiar with either the real estate or building industries.

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Asking the Right Questions
What Are You Looking for?

 At the heart of House & Land Packages Realty (HLP Realty) is our desire to help our clients find and create exactly what they’re looking for in a property. We base our consultancy service around understanding what’s important to you when it comes to purchasing a house and land package. Our advice and guidance will vary depending on your motivation for buying property. Some key questions we’ll ask include:

Are you a first home buyer?
Is this a home or investment property?
Are you interested in owning the property for the short or long term?
Is this your forever home, or a stepping stone along the way?

The key ingredient to enjoying a successful outcome when searching for a house and land package that satisfies your needs, is knowing precisely what you want, and why. HLP Realty offers in-depth consultancy to assist you in making the right decisions for the greatest result. We can also support you through attaining the right finance to make your property ownership dreams come true.

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​We Take Care of All the Details - Our Services

HLP Realty combines the three key areas of consultancy, real estate, and construction to provide our clients with a comprehensive and highly personalised service. Our project management offerings include:

  • Finance |​ we offer genuine, step-by-step support to cut through any confusion and help you make the right decisions about your borrowing.
  • Conveyancing |​ for professional conveyancing services you can trust, we highly recommend our referral partner, ​Proctor Graham Lawyers​.
  • Paperwork |​ we take care of the extensive (and necessary) paperwork involved with your house and land package acquisition, including: land and building inspections, council permits and approvals, and first home buyers grant documentation.
  • Consultancy |providing guidance and advice to assist you in making the right decisions for your project.
  • Real Estate |​ sourcing your ideal house and land package, and / or the right block of land to build your dream home.
  • Construction |​ backed by 30+ years construction experience, we work directly with the builders and all aspects of construction on your behalf.
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